Honest Pay Policy

Honest Pay Policy

Last updated: December 14th, 2022

Customers PAY only for excellence! Our Honest pay policy states that customers “Only PAY, what you SAY, is fair”, if service is below agreed-upon standards. King Kleen prioritizes standards and stands behind this commitment to our customer’s satisfaction. In an industry first, the “Honest Pay” policy applies to all services provided by King Kleen and guarantees customers pay for exactly what they have requested and expected that King Kleen has agreed to. The policy was designed to encourage customers to raise their expectations of service quality and hold King Kleen accountable in meeting those expectations. If we fail to meet those expectations, customers are only required to pay what they say is fair for the work performed.

The “Honest Pay” policy is the cornerstone of our new customer commitment at King Kleen. We want our new customers to know that we value their business and appreciate the opportunity to serve them. Furthermore, we want to establish a new relationship of trust and transparency with our existing customers. Our commitment to this policy reinforces our commitment to our customers’ complete satisfaction.

How to make an Honest Pay Policy Request.

King Kleen requires a live phone call with the customer and may request photos for confirmation to approve discounted service.

King Kleen will make every effort to bring the service back to the standard agreed upon with the customer once the issue is resolved at no extra cost (on going customers).

If King Kleen is unable to deliver satisfactory results to the customer, they will only pay what they say is fair for the service provided.