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To thoroughly train, equip, and support our partners to deliver a consistent standard of cleaning excellence and bring life to people as we shine!

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Become a Cleaning Partner

I want to help you build a successful company yourself through King Kleen, by teaching you, step-by-step, how I did it!

My name is Jon Beckwith, I’m the founder and CEO of KING KLEEN cleaning and disinfection.

You may not know where to start, how to present your service to a potential new customer, how to build a team to work with you … and where to gain confidence in all these areas.

You don’t need to feel this way when you partner or are coached by someone that has already done it and been successful. The items we just talked about are very big challenges to overcome so we understand how many people just don’t start!

If you are desiring to start your own cleaning company, then I believe you have in you what it takes to succeed! What you need is a clear mapped out plan, proven tools that work, the coaching to guide you, support to encourage you, and the discipline to walk it out, and I believe that you will be successful!

I want to share with you, how I personally built a successful cleaning company, with an amazing team, that has now helped many cleaning professionals and hundreds of customers, and has been very profitable!

So here’s the deal! I want to give you the benefit of skipping the many years of painful trial and error, thousands of dollars on marketing and building a brand, and possibly tens of thousands of dollars on a franchise. I want to give you the opportunity to link arms and partner today with over 20 years of service experience and success that thankfully I have had!

About the Program

I'll teach you how to:

  • Set up your company utilizing the King Kleen brand to market effectively in your local area.
  • Identify opportunities for cleaning and disinfection customers and how to connect with the decision-makers.
  • Gain and Retain profitable new cleaning and disinfection customers.
  • Find reliable Cleaning Partners to help you grow your business.
About the Program

Our goal is to see you:

  • Make more money than you ever have!
  • Help many people by delivering excellent cleaning services!
  • A work schedule that fits your lifestyle! 
  • Continue to grow your income and customer base with an established brand!
  • Utilize proven cleaning management systems & scheduling for servicing customers!
Become a Cleaning Partner

If you don’t jump on board, you may never start that Cleaning Company and build the business that you’ve wanted to build!

Avoid trying to figure it all out on your own. Don’t miss out on the tens of thousands of dollars of business from customers looking to pay for a professional and reliable cleaning company!

We are ready to take you from a place of being possibly underpaid, scared, unequipped, untrained, uncertified, unsure…. to well-paid, confident, strong, fully equipped, fully trained, fully certified and excited to help people every day!

Let’s work together and build a successful company using King Kleen in your local market!

Our Customers and Reviews

You and your team where simply amazing!! Great working with you once again. Very Impressive!!!

John M.

The office was extremely well done this past week. All aspects were addressed that needed to been done.

Marguerite D.

Good luck birds! My windows are so clean they are now invisible. Thank you again King Kleen.

Celine G.

Very friendly and knowledgeable on how they could keep our office space clean. Would recommend!

Shane A.
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