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Cleaning Services in Kingston, Ontario

Customers judge your business by its cleanliness.

91% agree that they are more likely to have an overall negative opinion of an independent business if the public spaces (lounges, restrooms or lobbies) are not clean.

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Team of professional cleaners from The King of Clean, the top commercial cleaning company in Kingston, Ontario, in action
King Kleen - Cleaning Services in Kingston Ontario

Protect your image with the best cleans.

Ensure every customer is greeted with a clean, fresh, and healthy space. 

Constant cleans by reliable and certified professionals.
Fair Prices
Meets your businesses budget and specific needs.
Guaranteed Clean
Backed by our industry first Honest Pay Policy.
We Understand Clean

Your business is unique and requires commercial cleans that are specific to your industry.

Finding a cleaning company that understands and can deliver cleans specific to your business needs can be challenging.

King Kleen has helped hundreds of business meet their commercial cleaning needs while following public health cleaning protocols.

 Absolutely Thrilled with the exceptional customer care and quick service at the last minute! Fantastic cleaning job and pleasant staff!

Carolyn Patterson

King Kleen and their staff provide a high quality standard of cleaning. They are friendly and efficient and responsive.

Verena Freitag

Oh. My. Amazing. Word. Hands down, thee BEST cleaning company around! They are professional but treat you like family.

Shyla Paterson

Clean our retail space before our grand opening. They are super thorough and got it done in a very timely manner.

Becca Gee
King Kleen - Cleaning Services in Kingston Ontario

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Why Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning and disinfection services are a necessary part of any business.

Whether your company employs ten or one thousand employees, keeping the workplace clean and free from potential health hazards is essential to the well-being of your employees and the continued success of your business.

However, many organizations are hesitant to utilize these services due to the cost associated with them. With that in mind, let’s take a look at why your organization should consider investing in commercial cleaning and disinfection services and how you can maximize the value you receive from them while minimizing the cost to your company.

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King Kleen - Cleaning Services in Kingston Ontario


Give yourself and your business an advantage today
by connecting with King Kleen.

Reliable Cleans by Certified Professionals


To thoroughly train, equip and support our partners to deliver a consistent standard of cleaning excellence and bring life to people as we shine!


Honesty • Excellence • Generosity

Small Sized Room/Office

(up to 500 Square Feet)
$ 0
Light Cleaning
Surface Disinfection

* $130 service visit minimum.

Medium Sized Room/Office

(up to 1000 Square Feet)
$ 0
Light Cleaning
Surface Disinfection

* $130 service visit minimum.

Inside Window Cleaning Service

(inside only)
$ 0
Single Pane
No Ladder Required
Inside Only

* $130 service visit minimum.

Custom and Specialized Cleaning and Disinfection Services.

We understand that in order for you to have a highly productive and efficient workspace you need to have a Clean, Healthy, and Refreshing atmosphere. Partnering with King Kleen brings you that advantage! Our certified Cleaning Partners, use proven products with the goal to ensure your space is cleaned and disinfected to public health standards.

All our programs include:

  • Dusting, cleaning, and disinfecting touch points/surfaces
  • Collecting garbage and recycling
  • Clean floors