Commercial Cleaning and Disinfection

The King Kleen Program:

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We understand that in order for you to have a highly productive and efficient workspace you need to have a Clean, Healthy, and Refreshing atmosphere.

Partnering with King Kleen brings you that advantage!

Top to Bottom Dusting
Detailed Surface Cleaning
Touch Points Disinfection

* Additional services

  • Recycling and Garbage Collection
  • Floor Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
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Our Service

Our certified Cleaning Partners use proven products, with the goal to ensure your space is cleaned and disinfected to public health standards.

Whether your company employs ten or one thousand employees, keeping the workplace clean and free from potential health hazards is essential to the well-being of your employees and the continued success of your business.

Our Customers and Reviews

You and your team where simply amazing!! Great working with you once again. Very Impressive!!!

John M.

The office was extremely well done this past week. All aspects were addressed that needed to been done.

Marguerite D.

Good luck birds! My windows are so clean they are now invisible. Thank you again King Kleen.

Celine G.

Very friendly and knowledgeable on how they could keep our office space clean. Would recommend!

Shane A.
Our Service

There are several benefits to utilizing professional cleaning and disinfection services for your business.

The most obvious benefit is that these services help keep your workplace clean and safe for both your employees and your customers.

By providing your employees with a clean environment to work in, you can help reduce the risk of illness and injury and ensure greater productivity levels throughout the day. Similarly, keeping your customers’ facilities clean will help to maintain a positive brand image for your company and ensure that they feel comfortable visiting your business.

Our Service

Ability to offer a wide variety of customizable options to suit the needs of your business.

Many cleaning companies can provide their services on an as-needed basis or by contract, allowing you to control how much you spend on these services each month. 

Additionally, some companies have additional services such as power washing or sanitation services that can be used to prepare your workplace for special events or trade shows.

These services can be particularly useful if you hold these events regularly since they can ensure that your facilities are consistently clean and organized each time. Finally, hiring commercial cleaning and disinfection services can help to reduce the expenses associated with running your business. Since these services are often included in larger office packages, they can save you money on equipment, supplies, and other operating costs by reducing the amount of time you spend maintaining the cleanliness of your facilities.

Our Service

Hiring a commercial cleaning company can also be a good long-term investment for your organization.

These types of services can reduce your facility maintenance costs and improve the overall appearance and hygiene of your business,

which can have a positive effect on the satisfaction of your customers and employees.

By hiring a reputable company to provide these services, you can help protect your business from excessive wear and tear and keep your facilities in the best possible condition for as long as possible.

To choose the best commercial cleaning service for your business, be sure to conduct a thorough review of your options before making a final decision.

Commercial cleaning and disinfection services help to protect the health and safety of your employees, customers, and other visitors while also enhancing the productivity and efficiency of your organization.

While these services are usually available for a small fee, there are several other benefits to hiring a professional cleaning company for your business.